Hello and Welcome to My Kitchen!

My great aunt “Tia Monica” used to say that if you want to make great food, keep it simple. And after 90-plus years since she opened her first kitchen, I maintain a similar rule in all of my kitchens; if you want delicious food, simply use great ingredients.

This is why I am proud to introduce our Carlotta’s Kitchen line of great and simple recipes, starting with our hand-made chicken and beef burritos.

And while I’ve developed many great recipes over my 40+ years as a chef, I can honestly say that sharing Carlotta’s Kitchen with you is my best recipe to help your stores increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and generate repeat visits.

Our promise at Carlotta’s Kitchen is to always bring to you great and simple food that meets today’s trends, and pays homage to yesterday’s favorites. I hope you enjoy the entire line up of Carlotta’s Kitchen recipes, and that your businesses continue to prosper for years to come.

Chef Carlotta’s recipes have been featured: on the Food Network, Travel Channel, History Channel, in Gourmet Magazine, USA Today, LA/NY Times, Forbes and in 7-Eleven Stores and at the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas.

For more information please email contactus@carlottaskitchen.com

Thank you for your support,
Chef Carlotta
Founder, Carlotta’s Kitchen

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